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HP Skills Training

High Performance Individual Skills Training (FULL)

  • High Performance Skills Program (FULL)

    • Dates: Sundays, September-December

    • Times: 2-4 & 4-6

      • Athletes will be put into groups. Groups may change over the  course of the program based on current training schedule/curriculum. (i.e. age based, skill based, position based training). Groups may change which time slot they are scheduled for.

    • Location: TBD (Waiting on Gym Confirmation)

    • Cost: $250

Details:.   This program is aimed at athletes who have been identified as high performance athletes, who have selected volleyball as their primary sport, are looking for additional skills development outside their school programs and are working towards playing TeamBC/Post-Secondary.  Basic level of skill performance already in place and focus is on “skill refinement and mastery”.  The program will maintain a low athlete to coach ratio. 1 coach to 6 athletes at most.   Max total athletes in the program will be dependent on the availability of coaches 

This is NOT a ‘club’ program and athletes do NOT have to be ‘club’ athletes to be considered.