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House League

KVA PACK Girls House League Program 2020

*Note: Some details may change depending on numbers of registrants. This is our first year running a program like this so there are bound to be some learning experiences and growing pains

House League is intended as an alternative to club programs. For athletes that don't get selected to a club (travel) team or  Who can't commit the time etc..

  • Registration

    For Registration please contact YouthAdmin
  • Cost: $200/athlete

    • Shirt included

  • Practice Nights

    • 1x 90  practice per week.

    • Practice nights will be Tuesday or Thursday. Various gyms

    • Times will be between 7-8:30 or 8:30-10pm

  • League Nights

    • League Game Nights will be Wednesday

      • Some League Games MAY be scheduled on a Thursday depending on total #’s and gym availability

    • Location: TBD

    • See below for further rules/details

    • Times will be between 6pm and 10pm

  • Dates:

    • Practices: January 7th-March 5th

    • League games: January 15th-March 4th

    • Season End Tournament:  March 10th,11,12th

    • Clinics: TBD

  • Format

    • Min. 3 teams per division

    • 8-10 athletes per team

    • Age Divisions will be based on #’s registered

      • Ideally

        • 12U/13U

        • 14U/15U

        • 16U-18U

      • But depending on numbers we may have to combine those initially

    • All teams must have 1-2 Parent-Coaches

      • No coach, no team

      • All Parent-Coaches must get RCMP Criminal Records check (cost covered by KVA)

      • If the ‘official’ parent-coach cannot attend a game/practice another valid parent-coach must be present. That is a parent-coach with a CRC that is also ‘registered’ with KVA PACK as a valid parent-coach

      • Parent-Coaches will be offered a clinic pre-season on coaching fundamentals and KVA PACK Lead Coaches will be available on occasion to help out. Whether in person or by answering questions via email

      • KVA PACK Lead Coaches will offer at least 1 additional, optional, trainings/clinic during season, for both parent-coaches and athletes

    • League Match Format

      • 2 sets to 25, cap at 27

      • Min. 1 Match per night, a 2nd match may be scheduled occasionally depending on # of teams in a division and gym time

      • Refs will be provided

      • IF we have a dedicated 12U/13U Division, that Division will be Triple-Ball

      • Teams must provide score keeper

        • Simplified scoresheet will be used.

        • Teams will be “assigned” score keeping duties (aka 1 scoresheet, 1 flip card) so that the same people/teams aren’t always doing the sheets...


        • Any player that does not START the 1st set must START the 2nd set

        • No substitutions allowed (barring injury) until either team is at 15 points

        • OPTIONALLY the team can use the “subs rotate into position 6” rule

        • Its one or the other, you can’t mix the option.  Ref/Score keepers must be informed prior to match starting which sub option is being used

        • Coaches who are having ‘issues’ with certain athletes and dont’ feel they have earned playing time can contact Admin and we will setup a meeting between coach and involved athletes/parents before making a decision.

          • Aka...athletes don’t show up to any practices but still expect to play.  Missing a single practice occasionally is fine, life happens. Making no practices for weeks on end but still expecting equal treatment for playtime is another story

      • VolleyballBC Rules will be used except where indicated otherwise

        • Setting the serve- ALLOWED 

        • Librero- ALLOWED (16U+ Divisions Only )

          • Librero has special rules around subbing and ‘doesn’t count’ in FAIR PLAY rule

        • Unlimited subs (with-in bounds of FAIR PLAY RULE)

        • Serving rules, any legal serve is allowed (underhand, side/torque, overhand, jump)

        • Depending on the gym in use, foot faults on serves may be ignored.  Admin will make this determination once gyms are finalized and examined

        • Roof Rule in effect, walls, poles, standards etc are out of bounds

      • Refs will have final say in any disputes/calls or application of the rules

      • Teams must field 6 athletes or forfeit match.  “Borrowing from other teams” does not count, but can be done to ‘fill up the court’ and still have a match.  ONLY PLAYERS THAT ARE REGISTERED WITH KVA PACK MAY PLAY AT ANY TIME.  PULLING SUBS 'FROM THE CROWD" IS NOT ALLOWED

      • Concerns about reffing can be brought to admin

      • Coaches (or parents/athletes/spectators) found to be causing trouble for the referees will be dealt with accordingly and may include suspension from games/practices.  Which may affect the teams ability to participate if valid replacement (aka coach) can not be found!!

        • NO REFUNDS will be given to a team/athlete due to a suspension towards their team/coach/member/parent etc... causing that team to forfeit/lose out

      • Some gyms may have very limited space for spectators and may literally be ‘standing room only’. The game is about the athletes, not the spectators. Spectators causing issues could face banning from attendance.  

        • hint* Scorekeepers and coaches get the ‘best seats in the house’ ...


      • Refund Policy

        • NO Refunds after 2nd week unless medical/injury.  Doctor's note required.

        • Refunds up to 2nd week will be given, with $75 admin fee/costs reduction

        • IF an age division gets cancelled (due to lack of numbers) full refunds will be offered ONLY if we are unable to move athletes to another division


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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for KVA PACK and support youth in your area.

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for KVA PACK and support youth in your area.