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Club/Youth 2021

Club/Youth 2021

Club 2021 Training Programs

Application Link at bottom.  Be sure to read and understand all the following details.

As expected our programs for 2021 are going to be quite a bit different from past years.

Due to COVID guidelines/restrictions and the very limited gym time available we will be doing “Training Groups” rather than competition teams.  Some details are still being finalized/waiting for confirmation but I wanted to get these details out sooner so people can potentially plan.


14-16 Athletes will be permitted in each group. But we will be abiding by all PSO/Health Authority guidelines. Which currently state only 12 can be on the court at a time.  Coaches will modify training to rotate athletes in/out for times there are more than 12 attending at a session.

All athletes and coaches MUST WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES ON AND OFF THE COURT. NO EXCEPTIONS. In addition to following all other guidelines and protocols.  All guidelines and protocols are subject to change based on current PSO, ViaSport and Provincial Health Authority guidelines.  Individual Venues may also have additional protocols to follow.

Currently we are in Phase 2 and that means individual training only. NO GAME PLAY or Mini-Games.

There is no guarantee of any game play, scrimmages or playdays within the time frame of these programs. While we hope to be able to do so, it is out of our control.  We WILL follow at all times the current COVID Guidelines from provincial authorities.

Link to FULL Covid Protocols, Return To Play and Saftey Guidlines for training.

Athletes will be able to apply to an age group and KVA will select athletes to the appropriate Training Group (HP or DV where applicable).

 Athletes will have until January 2nd to apply, then we will finalize the training groups after that.

Once selected to an age group athletes will have to register (link will be emailed after selection) for the program and sign appropriate waivers. 

All athletes must also register with VolleyballBC recreational membership. ($12.50 and details will be mailed to appropriate athletes)

There will be two separate sessions for programs.   (athletes will have to apply/register for them separately)

The details below apply to Session One.

More details on Session Two will be available at a later date.  We will be able to plan more accordingly with more information on where the COVID Protocols are at etc.

Session One: January 8th to March 13th (~8 weeks)

Season Two: March 21st to 3rd or 4th week of April (4 or 5 weeks)


Session One Training Programs:

  • 13U Girls (1 group) 

  • 14U Girls A & B Group  

  • 15U Girls HP & DV Group

  • 16U Girls HP & DV Group

  • 17/18U Girls (1 group)

  • 13/14U Boys*

  • 15/16U Boys*

  • 17/18U Boys*

*With the boys groups, if the 13/14 & 17/18 groups don’t have enough athletes we will look at the possibility of combining them with the 15/16U Boys group and run two groups in that program.


All groups will have 1 two-hour block of training per week.

15/16U Boys,  15U Girls HP, 16U Girls HP and 17/18U Girls will have one additional two-hour block of training per week as well 14U Girls A will have an additional 1 hour training time.


Cost Session 1: (Subject to change, but will be in this ballpark).

These costs cover rentals and training fees only.  We are keeping the costs as low as possible this year for everyone*

  • 13U Girls - $65

  • 14U Girls A - $90

  • 14U Girls B - $65

  • 15U Girls HP - $90

  • 15U Girls DV - $65

  • 16U Girls HP - $90

  • 16U Girls DV - $65

  • 17/18U Girls -$90

  • 15/16U Boys - $90

  • 13/14U Boys - $65

  • 17/18U Boys - $65


*NB: Once an athlete has started training, there will be NO REFUNDS for that athlete unless the entire program gets cancelled. At which time refunds will be determined prorated and based on refunds to us from cancelled rentals etc.



*If we are unable to run a program for 13/14U & 17/18U Boys, we will look at combining those athletes with the 15/16U Boys sessions
**Some training times will be cancelled due to Holidays/other bookings. We will provide an alternative make up sessions for those times. However they are not guaranteed to be at the same time slot and/or may occur during spring break.


Note: There will be some time conflicts with TRU’s 3v3 Program.  Due to the very limited gym times available plus coach availability unfortunately we don’t have any real flexibility in scheduling.

8 week Training Schedule

8 week Winter Session Training Schedule

Note that some days have cancellations and alternating pracitce times.

Applications deadlines 11:30pm  January 2nd, 2021

After that we will place athletes into appropriate programs depending on #'s etc and contact athletes with further details

Applications are currenlty closed and I will be spending the next few days placing athletes into programs.  All athletes will be emailed with details by mid-week.

Some programs may be moved/combined with others due to numbers.

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for KVA PACK and support youth in your area.

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for KVA PACK and support youth in your area.